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Solar Powered by WYSIPS®

Powered by the world’s first transparent solar panel from Sunpartner Technologies, you may never have to plug in for a recharge again.


Dual Time Zone Functionality

Like to travel? You'll know the time wherever you currently are AND what time it is back home!


Sleep Tracking

Want a better night's sleep? LunaR has the tools to easily track it and make positive changes to keep you on top of your game.


Sunrise & Sunset

Never miss the "Golden Hours" with intuitive Sunrise and Sunset notifications on LunaR and the mobile app.


Discreet Notifications

Never disrupt meetings with vibrating & LED notifications for calls, SMS and almost any other mobile app.

Activity Tracking

Set goals and know exactly how you're progressing in real-time via LunaR's embedded LED array or on the mobile app.

Our transparent solar panel technology works incredibly well for products like the LunaR smart watch and we are looking forward to see how customers respond to it
— Ludovic Deblois, President of Sunpartner Technologies

So Much Functionality, So Little Time

Life moves pretty fast sometimes and LunaR is there to help reduce the stress of modern living by helping you stay on track, on time, in touch and never miss a milestone or even a beautiful sunset. 


The Look of a Classic Timepiece with Stealthy Smarts Inside

No need to sacrifice your sense of style with LunaR because it combines the look of a modern, minimalist analog wristwatch AND "smart" functionality.


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